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Beware of phishing and malware attacks!

Beware of phishing and malware attacks!

Hackers are using lookalike domains and fake email addresses to trick customers into giving up their credentials and personal information.

Please use following best practices while using ITMinds Investor portal account.

Protect your access

Verify ITMinds Investor portal URL in your browser's address bar and make sure it includes https i.e.

Click on the lock icon in the browser's address bar to verify that the SSL certificate is issued to Central Depository Company of Pakistan Ltd.


Preferably access your ITMinds Investor portal account from dedicated computer and avoid using public computer / Wi-Fi for accessing your account.

Protect your computer from malware

Install well known Anti-virus and firewall software, keep your Anti-virus updated with the latest malware signatures and scan your computer regularly. Frequently download and install the latest security updates to your web browser and operating system (e.g. Windows). Be wary of visiting unknown websites and never let them install any executable such as video drivers, codecs or other software.

Protect your password

Use complex passwords (alphanumeric characters) such that it should not be based on publicly known facts about yourself like date of birth, phone number, mother name etc. Avoid using ITMinds Investor portal password on another websites such as social networking, email etc.

Note that ITMinds staff never asks for passwords/PINS via phone, SMS or email. Please beware of social engineers and never reply to such emails, phone calls/ SMS.